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Round 1 & Quarter Finals (Prepared)

Motion: This House Believes That the United States Should Maintain Its Embargo against Cuba.

Theme:  International Relations

Infoslide: In July of 2021, the Biden Administration imposed new sanctions on Cuba following the Cuban government’s crackdown on demonstrators in the streets of Cuba protesting the shortages in medicine and food resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden’s policy was being framed by Senator Robert Mendez, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the son of Cuban immigrants. Mendez has, in the past, been critical of the Obama Administration’s softer line on Cuba.

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Round 2 (Prepared)

Theme:  Criminal Justice
Context: “The right to survival prevails over property,” the court of appeals ruled when reviewing the case of a homeless man who had been given a six month jail sentence and a €100 euro fine for stealing cheese and sausages.

This House Would not punish those who live below the poverty line for economic crimes, e.g. theft)


Round 3 (Impromptu)


This house supports only neurodivergent individuals to play the role of neurodivergent characters in TV shows and movies.

Motions for WWDC 2023

Round 4 (Impromptu)


This House Opposes (THO) the narrative that a university education leads to higher economic standards.

Round-5 (Prepared)

Motion:This House Believes That the Effective Altruism community should prioritize alleviating short-term suffering over long-termism

Theme: Social Issues
Infoslide: Effective Altruism is the view that we should invest energy into figuring out what the most effective way to help others is, and encourages people to act on that basis. Effective Altruists often encourage donations to highly efficient charities, such as the Malaria Consortium. Long-termism is the view that we should be doing much more to help future generations. Effective Altruists who are long-termists often advocate for greater preparedness against existential risks, such as hostile AI takeover, or pandemics."

Round 6 (Impromptu)

Infoslide: Progressive rebranding refers to actions undertaken
by media companies to rewrite, reword, or remake works of art that are allegedly offensive or out-of-touch with the current social norm, to make them more inclusive and sensitive. Such changes are new to the work of art, and not intended nor included by the original creator of the work. Recent examples include: The rewriting of Augustus Gloop in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be “enormous” instead of “fat”, and the remaking of Aladdin by Disney to give more independent screen time to the character of Jasmine, who was
previously given almost no independent screen time.


Motion:This House supports the trend of media and publishing companies (e.g. Disney, Penguin Books, Warner Brothers, Bloomsbury) engaging in progressive rebranding.

Semi-finals (Impromptu)


You are a doctor in a neonatal emergency unit of a hospital. One night, two critical cases come to you - a wealthy couples new-born baby and an extremely poor couples
new-born baby- are both diagnosed with Disease X. Despite hours of frantic efforts on your part to keep them alive, tragedy strikes by the time it is dawn and the wealthy
couples baby dies.

Assuming the switch will never be discovered, THW tell the poor couple their baby.

Grand Finals (Prepared)

Theme: Artificial Intelligence
TalkToys are dolls with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and speech recognition software that enable them to engage in an actual conversation with children (they have a lexicon of thousands of prescript responses). TalkToys are meant to serve as a companion to the child, and they are in the late stages of development. Prominent examples of toys that will be able to talk include Barbie, G.I Joe and Star Wars and Action Figures.

Motion: This House Would Ban TalkToys.

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