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Round 1 & 3: (Prepared)
This House Supports NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) offering membership to states of the former Soviet Union, excluding Russia. (NATO)

Round 2: (Impromptu)
: Legacy preference or legacy admission is a preference given by an institution or organization to certain applicants on the basis of their familial relationship to alumni of that institution. For example, students getting admitted into ivy league colleges since their parents are alumni.
Motion: This House Regrets Legacy Admission

Round 4: (Impromptu)
This House Believes That a minimum educational qualification is necessary for electoral representatives in a democracy. 

Round 5: (Prepared)
This House Prefers a world where jobs performed by humans were not automated (E.g., self-driving cars, self-checkouts)

Round 6: (Impromptu)
This House Regrets the over dependency of Gen-Z on social media platforms (eg. Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook)

Octo-finals: (Impromptu)
Infoslide: Teenage Dream refers to the concept of living your life the best way as a teenager. (Example, hanging out with friends, having fun, partying, etc. all while having a strong academic standing)
Motion: This House Regrets the glorification of the Teenage Dream.

Quarter-finals: (Impromptu)
Info slide: For the purpose of this debate, radical environmentalism refers to the use of violent practices to further the cause of environmental movements due to ecocentrism-based frustration. (Example: throwing pea soup at Van Gogh’s “The Sower”, spraying orange paints on buildings in central London, etc.)
Motion: This House Supports radical environmentalism.

Semi-finals: (Impromptu)
This House Would make employee-vaccine mandatory 

Finals: (Prepared)
This House Prefers a world where Russia continued to participate in the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) World Cup 2022 qualifiers unobjected, and also in the FIFA World Cup 2022, had they qualified.

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