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DPS Modern Indian School Debate Club 

DPS MIS Debate Club is a school based debate club run by DPS Modern Indian School situated in Doha, Qatar. Over the span of 20+ years we have competed and won accolades in multiple national and international tournaments. 

We at DPS Modern Indian School Debate Club aim to empower young minds through the art of debating. This tournament will provide a platform for students to voice out their concerns on matters of deep importance. Not only will this be a learning experience for debaters but also an opportunity to improve their skills of critical thinking and analytical reasoning. We wish to bring the school debating community from all over the world closer, under one platform to spread international brotherhood.


With enthusiastic coordinators, ardent directors and an enthralling OrgComm we are presenting you our very own tournament, War of Words Debating Championship 2023. 

The War of Words Debating Championship 2023 is exclusively for high school students. We have an enthusiastic core lined up to ensure quality competition. We aim to provide high quality adjudication and a competitive tournament to all participants. 

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